Part 4 Is On the Way!

You can't keep a good pup down! We know the wait has been long, but we are still working hard on getting Part 4 out the door. We will let you know the date when it gets close. In the meantime, feel free to spread the word about our story! 🐾

Poochee and Bugbo! (April Fools!)

(Edit 4/2/24: April Fools!)

Good morning, everyone! We have been working on this collaboration for quite awhile and we are delighted to present to you this new adventure. Pansy and Gradient Joe have taken early retirement leaving Bugbo and Poochee to embark upon new quests and adventures. Summer, 2024 is going to be exciting as we traverse the perverse multiverse for better or worse, retrieving a purse, driving a hearse, but never being terse.

Site Is Live!

Our website has been in need of a major update for quite some time. The day has finally arrived! You can stay up to date with...
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